Yehudi Mercado is a former pizza delivery driver and art director for Disney Interactive. He is currently a writer-artist-animator living in Los Angeles by way of Austin Texas. His books include PANTALONES, TEXAS, HERO HOTEL, ROCKET SALVAGE and SCI-FU (Oni Press) which is currently on the Scholastic Book Fair. He was a storyboard artist on DC SUPER HERO GIRLS animated series. He co-wrote and art directed the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY mobile game for Disney Interactive. He has written and illustrated licensed comics for AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, UNCLE GRANDPA and GARFIELD.

He is currently writing a narrative podcast based on my book HERO HOTEL for the PINNA podcast network.

His upcoming graphic novel is called FUN FUN FUN WORLD (Oni/ Lion Forge) comes out April 22nd.

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